To maintain hygiene and cleanliness in our working and living environment, pest control is of utmost importance. Since India is a country with extreme temperatures, our homes become susceptible to pest attacks frequently. Dealing with pests on a daily basis can be quite a pain. However, with our professional pest-control services, you will not have to worry further.

We at HC Facility Management specialise in general disinfestation, rodent control, termite control and fumigation. We offer residential, commercial and institutional pest control. Our team has experience in catering to the food & beverage industry, agricultural sector, hotels, healthcare and apparel sector. 

Pests are an open invitation to a myriad of hazardous diseases. Our pest-control services free your space from pests such as termites, mosquito, bed bugs, rats, flies, roach, birds, wasps, lizards, spiders, ants and bees. 

We start the process by conducting a thorough inspection and focus on areas that are prone to pest attacks. Depending on the severity of the pest attack, the duration of the treatment will be determined. We make use of environmentally sensitive techniques to manage pests. 

Once our job is complete, we can assure you a pest-free environment. 


Our Clients

Over the years, we have built a rich client base across versatile sectors in the residential as well as corporate segment. We believe in offering our clients top-notch services. Below are some of our reputed clients: