A home or corporate park flanked by well-landscaped lawns often makes an attractive first impression on guests and visitors. A poorly maintained lawn can be quite putting off.

To care for your garden and landscaped area, we step in. Backed by a team of horticulturists and landscape architects, we make sure we attend to every aspect of lawn maintenance.

Our specialised team is provided training in order to meet the requirements of home gardens and corporate parks. Our aim is to keep your garden lush and green, thus preventing attack of pests and parasites. Our landscaping and gardening maintenance services include:


  • Regular plant maintenance
  • Trimming of plants
  • Driveway and path maintenance
  • Lighting
  • Proper drainage flow
  • Mowing of the lawn
  • Applying pesticides and insecticides
  • Application of manure and fertilizers
  • Replacing dead plants
  • Planting new seeds
  • Re-potting
  • Topsoil enrichment
  • Regularly watering the plants
Maintaining your lawn regularly improves the quality of surrounding air and is a treat to sore eyes.

Our Clients

Over the years, we have built a rich client base across versatile sectors in the residential as well as corporate segment. We believe in offering our clients top-notch services. Below are some of our reputed clients: